How To Create Post On


New Comrade
Jul 11, 2022
Lagos is a relatively new online forum specially built to cover the loopholes in most Nigerian forums and beyond. It is easy to use and comes with beautiful design and amazing futures everyone would find interesting whether you are familiar to how a forums work or not.

  1. To make a post simply signup on
  2. After a successful signup, scroll down to the category of your choice.
  3. Tap on the (+) plus sign on the category to pop up the post editor.
  4. Enter your post title in the provision made called "Thread title".
  5. Then enter your content in the body of the text editor.
  6. Click on "POST THREAD" when you are done. post editor was built with excellent user experience in mind that anyone who had used Facebook, Twitter or Instagram before would find it easy to use.

Pro tips: At the top of the text editor, the three vertical dots, can be used to expand the text editing/formating tools to put out text the way you want.
You can also add images directly from your phone or computer with no coding skills required of you.

Videos/media can also be added by clicking the media icon on the tool bar above the text editor to add videos from popular sources like; Youtube, Apple music, Dailymotion and co.

Examples of some of the features of the post editor on​

Table feature: With our post editor, it is possible to insert tables in your content. Take a look at the table example below;

When you click on the table tool, you will see the row and column preset, kindly scroll to select the number of rows and columns you want, the more you scroll down on the tool, the more it expands to help you select more cells.

Quote feature: Aside from quoting someone's post in your reply, you can also insert a quote using our quote formatting tool. Below is an example of quote in our post editor.

I can show you the path but I can not walk it for you. - Master Iain Armstrong

Horizontal line feature: This can be used to draw sections in our forum post editor, the below is an example.

Next, let's talk about the spoiler.

Spoiler feature: The spoiler tool can be used to cover some work type which will be unvailed only when a user clicks on the button. For the spoiler, you can design to add a title which is the first thing the person would see before clicking on the button to unveil the hidden content. See example below;

Format as code feature: Best for tech bro who would like to output code the way it was typed. See the example below;
    border:1px solid grey;

To attach a downloadable file, click on the attach files button below your editor to upload.

Thanks and do not forget to ask questions if you have any.