Unraveling the Web of Deceit: A Critical Analysis of Odenigbo Nanka's Misguided Epistle and Hidden Agenda


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Jan 30, 2024
By Our Reporter

In a recent prolix discourse, Chief Dr. Polycarp Emenike, the MD/CEO of Neros Pharmaceutical, has undertaken the surprise and ambitious task of rallying support for Okwudili Ezenwankwo (Ewepudike), the PDP candidate in the forthcoming Orumba North and South Federal Constituency re-run election. However, rather than a genuine call to civic duty, Odenigbo's narrative appears to be an intricate web of deceit, intended to obscure the questionable dealings between him and Ewepudike.

Odenigbo, in the poorly structured open letter, attempts to cloak Ewepudike's political desperation in a veil of misplaced patriotism, urging Nanka residents to support a candidate whose track record has already been rejected by the majority in the 2023 elections. Ewepudike's persistent legal battles, coupled with financial instability, reveal a man clinging desperately to power, rather than one genuinely dedicated to public service.

Now picture this: Ewepudike, a political phoenix attempting to rise from the ashes of his previous electoral defeat, his wings singed with the fires of legal battles and financial woes. Odenigbo paints a canvas of desperation, urging Nanka's populace to embrace a candidate rejected by the majority in the 2023 elections, a candidate tethered more to the allure of power than genuine public service.

There is no doubt that many would have been imagining and wondering why such an elder statesman as Odenigbo would declare such an unalloyed support for such a desperate candidate as Ewepudike.

Recall that Ewepudike was representing the Orumba North and South Federal Constituency until he was sacked by the current Representative, Hon. Mrs. Chinwe Nnabuife in the 2023 general election, as the Constituents unanimously and massively voted him out due to his poor performance, high-handedness and plethora of unfulfilled promises. Howbeit, Ewepudike has not rested since then, and consequently went to court to challenge the result of the election, to see that he forced himself on the people. What a desperation!

This led to fixture of a rerun election in Ewepudike's community, Nanka. The build-up for the rerun election, fixed for February 3, 2024, has been associated with many political happenstances in the area, and even led to the recent gruesome assassination of the YPP Chairman in Nanka Ward 1, Chief Joseph Ezenwegbu (Joe Mohale), just hours after he arranged for Hon. Nnabuife to visit the community, against several death threats she received from people warning her not to enter Nanka again.

Beside this, many reasons make many innocent Nanka people wonder why Odenigbo would declare such an unalloyed support for such a desperate candidate as Ewepudike. However there is need to explain to the people who may not have been privileged to understand the matters behind the scene.

Now, note this: The true reason for Odenigbo's epistle and surprise declaration of solidarity for Ewepudike is that during the time he was challenging/appealing the result of the 2023 election in the court, he allegedly borrowed the sum of 900 million naira from Odenigbo because his (Ewepudike's) bank accounts were allegedly freezed.

As a result of this, Odenigbo is then doing anything possible to ensure that Ewepudike wins the re-run election, so that he will be able to repay him the money he allegedly lent to him. And he, Odenigbo, then saw writing this long deceitful epistle as part of the strategies to deceive the people of Nanka to vote Ewepudike so that he will win and repay him his money.

Aside this, in yet another narrative, the spotlight turns to another allegation that Ewepudike and Neros were using Neros' facilities to attract unexecuted projects, when Ewepudike was in the National Assembly, after which they would share the money. Speculations abound that Neros has been missing this alleged fat share since Ewepudike left the National Assembly; hence this attempt to vote him in again, so that that the alleged deal would continue. (See attached file below).
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Having this in mind, Odenigbo's audacious attempt to portray Ewepudike as a victim of circumstance, facing frozen bank accounts and legal troubles, is nothing short of a thinly veiled ploy to garner sympathy. Residents of Nanka must be discerning enough to see through this narrative and focus on a candidate who has already demonstrated dedication to serve.

Moreover, the baseless attacks and undemocratic sentiments expressed in the letter by Odenigbo against Hon. Mrs. Nnabuife, questioning her origin and even going to the extent of advising Nanka people not to support her because she is not from Nanka, are unwarranted and divisive. It is crucial for the people of Nanka to rise above such divisive tactics and choose a representative based on merit, performance, and commitment to the community.

As Nanka stands on the precipice of a rerun election, it is imperative for residents to see through the smoke and mirrors presented by Odenigbo and instead rally behind a candidate who has already proven qualities to deliver, irrespective of where the person comes from. After all, no federal lawmaker represents only the interest of his or her own community alone. For insurance, the sitting Representative, Hon. Nnabuife has been making efforts to extend democratic dividends to Nanka (despite not coming from the community), including her efforts to tar some of the roads in the community which Ewepudike himself could not construct when he was in the house — a genuine developmental efforts which Ewepudike has allegedly blocked several times and allegedly threatened Nnabuife not to undertake execute, because he felt it would be a disgrace to him if she fixes the road.

Sincerely, beyond this politics of desperation and calumny, Nanka electorate should prioritize and support a leader who genuinely serves the people, rather than succumbing to this deceptive maneuvers of those with hidden agendas.

In conclusion, Nanka must not allow itself to be ensnared by the orchestrated narrative of Odenigbo and Ewepudike. The constituency's future hinges on making an informed choice that transcends the superficial promises and hidden dealings that threaten to undermine the democratic process. It is time for Nanka to vote their conscience again and support a candidate whose commitment to the people is steadfast and unwavering.

A concerned and lone voice crying in the wilderness!


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